We all know the story of Robocop, right?Set in a crime ridden Detroit, in the not so distant future, good cop Alex Murphy played by Peter Weller is killed whilst in pursuit of cop killer Clarence Boddicker (Kirtwood Smith). The powerful corporation OCP seals a deal which puts them in charge of the struggling police force and Vice President Dick Jones (Ronny Cox) is developing a brutal law enforcement droid, ED-209. Unfortunately for Jones, as a result of a fatal and messy malfunction during a demonstration, his project is scrapped and rival executive Bob Morton steps in at the last minute and is given the go ahead with his own Robocop project for which the body of Alex Murphy is used. The future of law enforcement.Classic, satirical, ultra-violent sci-fi action ensues. I remember watching a copy of Robocop on VHS when I was probably only about 8 or 9. It was one of the most shocking films that I had ever watched, up until that point. Soon, with my friends, we were re-enacting the movie in the play ground, shooting off limbs and repeating obscenities. For a ten year old, the movie had everything, blood, gore, language, explosions,  a bit of boobage, and not forgetting some great robots, but that was over 20 years ago. How does the film fare now that such time has elapsed?I was actually surprised to see that it had faired better than other Verhoven sci-fi movies, such as Total Recall and Starship Troopers.  I like my action films short and sweet. If they reach or surpass the two hour mark, chances are they usually sag somewhere along the way. Robocop is short enough and action crammed from start to finish, leaving you very little time to get bored or lose focus.For Dutch born film maker, Paul Verhoven, Robocop was to be his first pairing with writer Ed Neumeier who would go on to pen Starship Troopers from sci-fi writers Robert Heinlein story.  But with Robocop, Ed’s script  holds up the entire movie, everything that happened after was a bonus. He had it all, juggling violence and action with satirical news broadcasts and  creative commercials, a trait he would put to use as the propaganda in Troopers.Robocop is about man working along with machine, machine replacing us, us becoming robots. But its about so much more. Verhoven claimed in a making of documentary that he looked at Robocop as Christ, and the resurrection. Murphy may have died, but somehow his soul or maybe just his memories have remained. He sends himself on a very personal revenge mission which leads him straight into the heart of a conspiracy rooted from the politics of his creation.There is more to Robocop than a robot killing bad guys though, it touches on subjects such as the fine line between crime and consumerism, how far the poor people on the street will go to have these luxuries, and how far the multi million dollar corporations will go to ensure that they receive their dollar. It is corporate man Dick Jones that ultimately pays, he’s the mastermind, hell bent on power, employing slimy criminal Boddicker to orchestrate the appropriate platform of crime to launch his ED-209 project. As the villains of the piece, Smith and Cox, are interesting choices, and well cast. They usually got typecast as wholesome guys, but someone saw the potential and it paid off.Verhoven’s Detroit is dark and dirty, created by using a mixture of city shots filmed in Dallas Texas, with astounding matte paintings seamlessly merged to capture the directors vision. The effects range from numerous explosions to excessive squibs, from limb disintegration to the complete obliteration to the toxic waste soaked Emil Phil Tippett’s stop motion animation is still incredible. The scene in which ED-209 malfunctions still manages to fill me with a sense of impending doom, an unfathomable force. Its hard to believe he was only the size of a child’s toy, and yet has still managed to stand the test of time, far better even than  some CGI that has emerged since.I only ever feel love for this film, and it quite rightly has found its place in the history books, making numerous lists of greatest movies, but unfortunately it also became a disappointing franchise, spawning sequels, a TV series, a cartoon and toys. But I’m not going to hold that against it. In fact I thin k I’m going to watch it again. Right now.Thanks for reading an d check out my other reviews at www.youtube.com/hagfilms