Bradley Cooper, Robert DeNiro, and Abbie Cornish star in a fast-paced, unpredictable film, ‘Limitless.’ The film focuses on an unmotivated writer, Eddie Morra, who lives in a dirty disastrous apartment and appears as though he hasn’t showered or combed his hair in forever. His girlfriend, Lindy (Cornish) can’t handle her loser/broke boyfriend and breaks up with him. After stumbling through the streets he bumps into his ex-wife’s brother,
Vernon, Johnny Whitworth, and decides to have a drink with him and catch up. After their drink,
Vernon presents Eddie with NZT, a tiny clear pill that causes humans to access 100% of their brain after 30 seconds of swallowing it. Eddie decides to take one pill and suddenly his life takes a drastic turn. People on NZT are dying from taking too much or stopping it all together, time and pills are running out, can Eddie survive or is it too late??
‘Limitless’ was a film that literally had me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end. Cooper was magnificent in the ever evolving character of Eddie. He carried the entire film, effortlessly. I enjoyed the film, but for some reason I feel as though something was missing. It didn’t exactly leave me wanting more but it made me feel as though it lacked heart. I didn’t care that much for Eddie. I rooted for his character at times, but part of me didn’t really care in the end.

The acting was great, two time Academy Award winner Robert DeNiro had a small yet powerful role as Carl Van Loom, head of a major company that wants Eddie to work for him. Abbie Cornish delivered a fine performance as well as Eddie’s on-again off-again girlfriend.

The story line was awesome, it was unique and original and I enjoyed the thought that a teeny tiny pill can alter so much.  Watching Eddie ride on this ZNT rollercoaster was fascinating and thrilling. But it could only go so far. I wanted to feel more about the character and craved to care about what would happen to him, but I didn’t. This left me feeling very unsure about this film. I enjoyed everything except that aspect.

I recommend this film to anyone who enjoys Bradley Cooper, and a fun exhilarating film that makes you think the unthinkable.

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