‘Your Highness’ is directed by David Gordon Green and stars Danny McBride, James Franco, Natalie Portman, Zooey Deschanel and Justin Theroux in a hilarious and quite ridiculous comedy. Danny Mcbride not only stars in the film but also co-wrote it with Ben Best. The film centers on a lazy, incompetent Prince named Thadeous (McBride), who is always pushed out of the limelight because of his beautiful, brave, warrior brother, Fabious (Franco). Fabious is next in line to become King, and is in love with Belladonna (Deschanel) who was a damsel in distress that was locked up in Leezar’s (Theroux) castle. After Fabious rescues Belladonna he proposes and demands to marry her as soon as possible. But, evil Leezar will do anything to destroy Prince Fabious’s life. He decides to kidnap the virgin Belladonna and sleep with her before Prince Fabious can. Fabious doesn’t have much of an army and his father, King Tallious demands Thadeous to join Fabious on this adventurous quest to become more of a man. Can Thadeous and Fabious defeat Leezar before it’s too late??

This film was hilarious. It’s supposed to take place in medieval times yet every word out of their mouths are curse words and modern phrases. The acting was great; I loved how serious James Franco and Natalie Portman were. Portman portrayed Isabel, a young girl that had all of her brothers murdered and is now seeking vengeance against Leezar. She is a tough, brave fearless fighter. Danny McBride was great as this lazy, modern Prince from another time period. 

I love the idea of ‘Your Highness’. The time period is fascinating and most films that are set in this time are serious, long and complicated. ‘Your Highness’ was fun, short and sweet. It was comical but still made sense; the storyline wasn’t completely dumb as most random comedies are.

I highly recommend this film to anyone who wants to go to the theaters to escape from reality, not think about anything and just wants to relax and watch something totally ludicrous and funny. Just to warn you it is very crude!!! But, there is nothing like ‘Your Highness’.

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