I was reading a couple of best zombie movies reviews and thought, I should get a post running on what’s better, Originals or Remakes? Let’s start off with Night of the Living Dead.The Revenue. The Original was from George A. Romero and remake was directed by Tom Savini. In terms of revenue to date, the original took home a whopping estimate of $250 million as of 2009 with a film budget was only about  $100,000. The remake only took about $5 million revenue with a film budget of $4 mill.The Effects. Romero was still involved on the remake. He was one of the producers. Of course, because of the era, the make-up effects were far better. Not to mention that one of the best, award-winning special effects and make-up artist was the director – Savini. The original was limited by budget. The blood used was chocolate syrup, consumed flesh were roasted meat and costumes were either second hand clothes or donated.The Acting.  On the original version, the main characters Ben and Barbara were not good but not as prominent actors as after the film was released. The supporting actors had no experience at all. The zombies were friends and relatives – can’t expect much of a performance but still gave the 1968 audience a thrill. Barbara was depicted as a helpless woman while she was portrayed to have a stronger character on the remake.The Reviews. The original had it’s share of negatives from the critics however has been revered as one of the best zombie movies in history. It has received an award as a U.S. National Film Registry – 1999 Library of Congress. The remake, however had vast negative criticisms. Only recent ones were applauds, giving it a 68% approval rate.In my opinion, I prefer the remake than the original. I appreciate the original, of course, but I’m a woman of blood splatter. Both story lines were the same, anyway.What do you guys, think?