Your Highness tries so hard to capture that Pineapple Express feel, bringing back director David Gordon Green with stars Danny McBride and James Franco, along with all of the drug and sex jokes, but it failed to be as good. I really enjoyed Pineapple Express and the chemistry James Franco and Seth Rogen had. Also having Danny McBride do what he does best, being an interesting and really funny side character. This time around they try to make Danny McBride the star and oh yeah, they make it a spoof of old knight’s tales.

Danny McBride stars as Thadeous, a cowardly and lazy prince who is also the brother of a brave warrior named Fabious (James Franco). Fabious’ future bride Belladonna (Zooey Deschanel) is kidnapped by an evil wizard Leezar (Justin Theroux) and he and his brother must embark on a quest to find a sword that can destroy the wizard and save Belladonna. The only problem is that his brother Thadeous is a lazy idiot who never leaves the kingdom and has no experience or skills as a fighter. Along the way we are introduced to characters like Isabel (Natalie Portman), an extremely capable fighter and beautiful woman, who Thadeous quickly falls in love with. Also there is the lovable servant, a man named Courtney (Rasmus Hardiker) who is also the best friend of Prince Thadeous.

The film overall was pretty funny, but a lot of it just a few funny scenes accompanied by pointless scenes that don’t do anything for the story or the characters. It seems to suffer from a lot of the problems Paul had, as it tries to make you laugh so much by screaming Fuck over and over again or by simply making a joke about drugs or sex. It suffers so much from just how hard it tries to be funny, although it does have a couple of genuine funny scenes it’s mostly just a couple hours of dick jokes and cursing as much as possible or at moments where it’s unnecessary. Also something I had a serious problem with is some scenes that just make you feel uncomfortable like a scene with a minotaur and another with a little, purple, pedophile wizard. They make a joke about an animal humping a human and so many movies already have overused the humping animal joke, hundreds of comedies love to use a humping dog to take up five minutes of time, so they have less jokes to make.

Your Highness had a lot of ups and downs, but mostly downs. This was a film I looked really forward to seeing and I guess Seth Rogan didn’t want to have anything to with this one, but maybe having that chemistry would have really improved the movie. I laughed really hard a couple of times, but it wasn’t consistent and there wasn’t any relationships that worked either. They bring in Natalie Portman, a ridiculously beautiful, academy-award winner to be Danny McBride’s love interest and even she didn’t look like it was working for her, when they kissed it just looked awkward. Overall, it’s a couple of laughs, but just a bunch of wasted potential, it would be best enjoyed at home with a couple of friends.