Wall E – Movie Review

Pixar films, the same animation studio which brought us Cars, Toy Story and a whole lot more will live up to people’s expectation as they produce a whole new motion picture into the big screen entitled WALL-E (Waste Allocation Load Lifter – Earth Class).  With a number of genres all tangled into one, director Andrew Stanton still able to mix them all together in a manner of perfection. Starred by Ben Burrt as WALL-E, Ellisa Knight as EVE, Jedd Garlin as the Captain, John Ratzenberger as John and Sigourney Weaver as the ship’s computer.

Sometime in the future with Earth filled with garbage and all kinds of trash making it unable to support life, people have gone and lived a luxurious existence in a spaceship called AXIOM. The plan was for them to return to earth after the Renovation Project will be finished, but was by then abandoned except for one robot that remained on earth and continued his job compacting trashes. That is where WALL-E enters, an organized robot left alone to deal with the mess that humans have made. WALL-E’s existence has been lonely and much of a routine u until a ship carrying a robot designed to look for plant life landed near his home. It was love at first sight for WALL-E but not for EVE robot. She was hostile towards the compactor but as the movie progresses so is her feeling toward the compactor. With sudden turn of events, WALL-E showed EVE a little seedling he found just before she arrived. She then takes the plant and stored it inside her body while she was shipped back to spaceship known as Axiom, as mentioned above. All the while WALL-E stayed in EVE’s side as she was inactive and has not been deactivated and  transported to the captain’s quarters where she will show the plant to the captain himself, thus proving that the Earth has now become habitable for humans again.  But the Autopilot had the plant removed from the female robot and was about to destroy it when WALL-E and EVE, now fully functional, try to intervene.  They need to return it to the captain so he can tell the people that it’s safe to go home.  The Autopilot, however, has other plans.  He wants to remain in space and continue to have total control over the huge ship as the captain, like all the other humans, is morbidly obese due to hundreds of years living in microgravity.

Although filmed with limited dialogue, this movie is going to give you that bone cracking feeling and will lift a crooked line to your faces. WALL-E and EVE’s affair brings another hilarity and a mix of extreme cuteness. The soundtracks being part of the motion film supplemented the scenes properly like the It Only Takes a Moment song came into the picture just in time. The continuity too of the film was exemplary. It would not bring you to a “Where did that came from” nor the “What just happened?” reaction. It all came flowing and constant. The first 30 minutes may or may not be appealing but pushing the stop and eject button is never will be an option.

To wrap it up, WALL-E may not be the best Pixar Film created but it surely is a totally good one. It is a movie in all walks of life and ages. And most importantly, a movie that stirs human race to do better and take a look at the reality of the Nature’ worsening condition. I’d say that you give it a shot.