I set out to do something that I never thought I could this year: I made a documentary. The movie was first conceived when I saw Religulous, and thought “what if this was made through the point of view of some pissed off high schoolers?” So, that’s what I did. I made the movie with the idea of showing people that they need to lay off religion, and that they need to chill when it comes to interaction with people different than you. Then, I branched the film into politics, as well, and how the two intertwine quite often. I interviewed teachers, random community members, and ESPECIALLY students for their opinions on the world, and could not have been happier with the open diversity. There’s some great music in the movie, from people like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, among others, and the editing is done all by myself. There’s even a scene where I dressed up like a Mormon on his Mission (though there was no second person with me and I was called out once on it), and I went to a no soliciting neighborhood and knocked on the doors. You can imagine the aggression at religious difference in a suburban Georgia neighborhood.

The movie is produced by myself, my media company, and Harrison Broadcasting, who put out a thing called a “lip dub” recently, which was a school-wide music video. It has won awards and has been put on the Yahoo.com homepage (http://youtu.be/dCmRIFVH4O4). With this film, I truly hope to make people realize that it is wrong to discriminate and hate for no reason besides the fact that they think there’s a different guy in the sky than they do. The DVD should be available at independent retailers sometime over the Summer, and If you would like a free copy, email me your address, and I’ll ship it to you so then YOU can review it! For the fear of looking like a ponce, I won’t be reviewing my own damn documentary. Who am I, Werner Hertzog (if you got that joke, good for you)?