Yes, Ray Liota can do more than mob movies.

I’ve appreciated John Dahl films since Rounders. He also added little-seen war flick The Great Raid and underrated You Kill Me to his list of films, but I saw that I hadn’t seen one of his earlier films, Unforgettable. I always appreciated Dahl’s since of shots and editing, and this film certainly capitalized on his abilities.

The movie stars Ray Liotta as David Krane, a crime scene investigator who was, in the past, framed for his wife’s murder. He got off from the trial because the evidence was unsubstantial. He is investigating another crime scene where he sees something that was at his wife’s, and he doesn’t know what to do. He thinks the culprit in the case he is investigating killed his wife. But he can’t prove it. Until he hears a doctor speak about a new memory drug she created that can allow someone to experience the memories of people from their point of view. Needless to say, Krane does whatever he can to get his hands on it.

Best Aspects: Good acting, plot and a sad yet well-crafted ending.

Bottom Line: A. Good movie, a possible cult movie, with a great twist that you’ll never see coming. Ray Liotta gives a convincingly good performance.