Mars needs moms

Mars need Moms is 88min long and is made by Disney. Seth green (Milo) plays a desperate boy who wants his mom back. Milo meats Gribble (Dan Folger) who helps him find his mom. The film is set at mars, and the time is held in 2011. The genera is comedy, action, adventure.

Mars needs mom is  a great movie made by Disney, because we all know Disney they make great movies. Mars needs mom is an animation movie about a boy named Milo and he did not eat his vegetables and that made his mom mad just as he was going to say im sorry but his mom gets taken by martians and his hood gets stuck on the ship and he fly’s away to mars. While hes there he is determined to find his mom, and he meets a man named gribble on his trip and they both help his mom come back! It is a great movie for kids to see because it shows how kids care about there mom! But at the end when his mom give him the gas mask she cant breathe what will happen? The movie title may sound weird, goofy, stupid, or plan crap. But it is a great movie for kids and adults.

My aspect of the movie is that it is really good for a family night out. Disney does an amazing job it is  almost as good as wall-e. The movie shows people out of this world but they make it kid friendly and that is what everyone is looking for. I really like this movie and i hope you can enjoy it just like i did.