There is no bond quite like that of sisters. In Her Shoes (2005) is a fabulous example of the bond that only true sisters can share, a bond created through a lifetime of ups and downs. It follows the story of sisters Rose (Toni Collette) and Maggie (Cameron Diaz), who are two very different people. Party girl Maggie intrudes on the life of Rose, and after an indiscretion with a co-worker that Rose was involved with, the pair split, drop out of contact and go their separate ways.

Rose leaves her high paying attorney job behind, after the affair with her boss compels her to leave her position. Choosing a less hectic life, Rose begins walking dogs for a living, calming her neurotic ways, and eventually meeting and falling for an ex-colleague, Simon (Mark Feuerstein). The two become engaged, and Rose begins to realise she must patch things up with her sister if she is to be happy enough to move forward with her engagement.

Maggie discovers a new life away from her sister, moving in with her estranged Grandmother, Ella (Shirley MacLaine), who teaches her to live a more selfless life. Maggie soon stops her partying ways in order to work at the retirement village where her Grandmother lives, becoming a personal shopped for the women of the complex. At this stage we see a vast change in Maggie, who begins to realise that maybe she hadn’t been the best sister to Rose. Maggie helps restore the relationship between Rose and Simon, and the two move forward for a joyous finale.

In Her Shoes is a truly uplifting film that shows the deep connection shared by sisters. We immediately connect with the sisters, in an opening sequence that allows us a window into their strikingly different lives. It is hard not to feel for Rose, who is constantly disrupted by the behaviour of Maggie, to the point where she no longer wishes to be around her anymore. It is only once Maggie is truly gone that Rose begins to understand she could never stay angry at her sister, and quickly moves to rectify the problem. Clever writing, and the intense juxtaposition of Rose and Maggie, uncover a complex relationship between two vastly different characters – in essence, it captures the true depth that occurs naturally in all sisterly relationships. Pure commitment from all actors involved gives In Her Shoes integrity, allowing audience members to connect to the story, and become fully involved in Rose and Maggie’s relationship. Most importantly, the story never becomes over the top, never stops being believable. Coupled with the incredible performances from Collette and Diaz, this ensures a flawless finish, where, for once, a chick flick manages to tie up all lose ends. Three and a Half Stars.