When I first saw the trailer for Limitless, I was intrigued with the plot. I just HAD to see this film! Limitless stars famed actor Robert DeNiro and Bradley Cooper, best known for his role in the 2009 comedy, The Hangover. This exciting action thriller takes place in modern day New York City.


Limitless is about a struggling writer, Eddie Morra (Cooper) who has recently been dumped by his girlfriend, Lindy (Abbie Cornish). After many failures in his life, including being a writer with a bad case of writers block, a failed marriage and now a short lived relationship, Eddie he has drawn the conclusion that he has no future and begins to lose all hope with his place in the world. Little known to Eddie, his perspective of his place in the world will soon change.


Eddie runs into his former brother-in-law, Vernon, and no sooner than they become reacquainted, Eddie has been introduced to a single dose of the “pharmaceutical” drug, NZT. Soon after Eddie tries the drug we see the effects it has on him. His world becomes so much brighter, literally. Everything which was once all gray from Eddie’s perspective is now crystal clear. We later discover that NZT is designed to access 100% of your brain which enables one to be more confident than virtually anyone and provides the ability to become rich and powerful. With his new found power Eddie finds himself facing many challenges; some good, some not so good.


There were a few things I enjoyed about Limitless. One element I enjoyed was the cinematography. As a viewer, the transitions Eddie experienced while on and off of NZT were more noticeable by whether the world as Eddie saw it was crisp, clear, vibrant colors or dull and gray. Another aspect of this movie which I enjoyed was the background music. Like the visual transitions, there was a transition in the music played during the ups and downs of Eddie’s journey.


While Limitless isn’t the greatest neuro-psych thriller I’ve seen, I can say that I enjoyed this film. It kept me entertained and there wasn’t a dull moment during the movie.


My verdict: 3.5 stars