A movie that takes you into the to a place where all human nature is striped from you and all your horrors comes to life prison. It’s one of the most interesting thrillers that I have watched in my years of movies it is a remake of the German version called “Das experiment” and both of these movies are their adaption from the true life experiment “ the Stanford experiment” .this movie stared the surprising skills of  Adrien Brody and the scary  Forest Whitaker the men who really made this movie what it Is with their back and forth  fight  of good vs. evil.This movie went about by separating guards and prisoners who were pre tested to categorise which belonged with each side. They had to last in the prison simulation for 2 weeks and win the grand prize 14 thousand dollars they had to stay within in a certain rules given to them and if one was broken a red light would come on and the experiment would end. From the beginning you see power hunger guards rise and prisoners who lose all the nature of human nature and become animals. This movie is filled with twist and turns that keep you guessing. This movie is great a must see for people who are into different kinds of movies give this a sprinkle of drama and a spoon of testosterone and a handful of craziness.