The movie begins with Jennifer Hills (Sarah Butler), a novelist, driving into a remote cabin in the country to start and finish her next novel. She gets to the cabin and begins writing with breaks of exercise and recreational in between. Not realizing the dangers of being alone in the forest with no neighbors becomes her downfall when unexpected visitors come by. Four men come into her cabin and assault her. She does a sneak attack and manages to run away to find help. She bumps into the town’s sheriff and explains what happened. Little did she know the sheriff is not an honest man of the law. He takes her back to the cabin where the four men are there waiting for her. They begin their sexual evil acts upon her and plan to kill her when they each finish; but she voluntarily disappears into the lake and the boys can’t find her. A month later she still hasn’t popped up and the boys give up on the search. Jennifer surfaces and starts to taunt and torture each offender until she hears their last scream. 

Review:For obvious reasons, I disliked and liked this film. The dislike is from the rape scene, which I fast forward through. The other dislike is when the men took too long in the taunting. It was like they had a never ending monologue and took too long to get to the unfortunate action. I didn’t like that Jennifer wasn’t being smart as to bring someone with her or have protection or stay at a hotel. I’m a writer myself and do understand the need of seclusion to gather ideas from my thoughts to paper, but she should have known better. I liked the revenge section of the movie. The torture scenes were rightful and a little creative. I would have come up with more creative torture tricks to hear them scream more, but she did a far job. All in all, I can see this movie again after I fast forward past some scenes.