127 HoursImportant Facts:Stars James Franco, two girls, a brief family scene, a desert and a very troublesome rockDirected by Danny Boyle (of the Slumdog, 28 Days Later fame)Oscar Nominations for Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Writing-Screenplay based on material, Best Editing, Best Original Song (A.R. Rahman, Rollo Armstrong, Dido(“If I Rise”)) and Original ScoreHas had (approximately) 55 nominations so far around the world, with a few wins for Franco http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1542344/awardsRotten Tomato Rating- 93% (ie- not rotten)James Franco stars in this true story about a young man who runs around in the desert, meets a few girls, parts ways and literally gets stuck between a rock and hard place in the middle of no where. An intense and alive score paired with funky editing keep this movie moving along; luckily it doesn’t rely solely on Franco to carry the movie. Franco I found was inconsistent. At moments I felt truly invested in him. At other times, my attention was more intrigued by the popcorn kernel stuck between my teeth. The majority of the film is focused on Franco’s survival so he gets a lot of screen time.As slow as the film moves at times- it’s intense. Image being stuck for 127 hours. I won’t tell you how he gets stuck and I would highly recommend that you don’t try to investigate. As soon as you find that out, you’ll find out about the huge spoiler of the “big scene” as well. I would have preferred not knowing “the big scene” so I could focus on the movie itself instead of anticipating “the big scene” that had film festivals, critics and audiences praising— and fainting. Do note the “big scene” is the end of the movie. Knowing that the “big scene” was coming took away from my experience as I was rushing the movie to get to this scene. (did that build any anticipation around the “big scene”?)I do however need to talk about this “big scene” as it played a defining part in my experience. It’s bloody, raw, and painful. It was incredibly done. The timing and music were spot on. I’ve never seen anything like this moment caught on film- and I’m the guy who watches Saw 1-7 with a smile on my face.Let’s flash to this moment–(“The Big Scene” happens)”Okay, I handled that okay.”Movie continues… and my stomach starts to ache. How odd. I did eat popcorn… too much butter?Stomach ache grows.Stomach hurts and churns.I get up- I can’t help it (It’s important to note that I won’t leave the theatre even to pee). I walk to the aisle, hoping that standing will make a difference. It doesn’t. I head out of the cinema and into the bright lights…my eyes blur. I feel faint and stumble to the bathroom. How embarrassing- to an onlooker, it looked like I snuck in some wine and got wasted by 10pm.After 10 minutes with my head between my legs in the bathroom- I come back to the movie. I missed the end.In short- it’s a unique rare movie. It’s a true story so that carries weight. Oscar likes true stories. It focuses on one guy for 94 minutes (and that’s it)- so that may a bit different for pacing and people’s interest. There are some very intense moments. Score and Editing was noticeable, which explains the nominations. It didn’t manage to make the ‘wide release’ which hurt the amount of buzz it could create outside of the film festival circles. However it’s a film that got those who watched it buzzing, which carries a lot of weight in my mind.Odds of winning anything are comparable to someone surviving 127 hours in the dessert with a bottle of water, a cup of urine and a dull blade. Unlikely, but anything is possible.