The Social Network-Globe’s BIG Winner- Best Picture-Drama, Best Director, Best Screenplay and Best Original Score, making it the film with the most wins of the nightRunning Time– 2 hoursTomatometer- Critics 97% (highest rating thus far) Audiences 89%One of the most decorated and acclaimed movies of the year, the Facebook Movie has managed to maintain solid attention from it’s early fall release date until days before the Oscars. Typical facebook.I remember people saying “this movie will change your life”, and it’s “totally incredible”; not just the critics, but real life people I knew (and we’re not just talking Facebook friends). So going into it, I knew it would be near impossible for any film to live up to these high expectations. When Facebook initially started, I was hesitant to join, but with the Social Network, I needed to see the film as soon as possible. So I did and I quite liked it, even with all of the hype. Did it change my life, no. Did I go home and try to find out more about Mark Zuckerberg (ie- debate on if I should add him as a friend), yes. My quick review to people is “go in thinking it’ll be a good movie, and you’ll be pleasantly happy”.The film tells the (somewhat) true story of Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg, he’s a bit of an awkward person to say the least. After the breakup with his momentary girlfriend, he takes out his anger by hacking into the Harvard database, and creating an online rating tool that compares the looks of one girl to another- FaceMash. This gets the attention and criticism of the school and his classmates- specifically his ability to create something like this in incredible time, and the potential of an online networking site. Toss in the Winklevoss Twins, some Justin Timberlake as Napster co-founder Sean Parker, plus a few backstabbings, confusions, dark drama, and selfish acts by mostly everyone involved and we have our movie. Before I always just saw facebook as a website, but here it gives us that personal insight into the struggles, deception and growth that people went through for the site to actually become what it has today.Zuckerberg is a ‘you love him or hate him’ kind of character. I was rooting for Zuckerberg the whole way through because he was just so smart, despite his apparent lack of human emotion or consideration. I wanted him to be a nice guy. Supposedly the folks working on this film didn’t hear back from the real Mark Zuckerberg, so they based part of his ‘character’ around him being a total jerk (supposedly Mark is actually a nice guy in real life). His best pal Eduardo holds up the heart in this film- he seems to be the underdog who tries to do well even if it costs him credit, money and friendship.This is a very modern movie, which is fascinating really. This is our generation’s story- everyone who is near a computer today is part of this story. We’re not learning about a stuttering king from YEARS past, or a war or a protest- this is OUR story. I love how some of the drama in the film evolves around someone not changing their ‘relationship’ status- we get what that means. It’s very current and alive, yet it manages to be historical and relevant. This is the ultimate “oh, you didn’t see the plans or invite online, you missed out” and it considers the drama that follows.The acting by everyone was surprisingly engaging. Although Justin Timberlake seemed like himself (kind of a jerk with a big ego), Jesse Eisenberg managed to pull off Zuckerberg with a commitment and dedication that I wouldn’t have expected from more of a comic actor. Andrew Garfield balanced the cast with his heart of gold, but I think his presence gets lost in the background (in the story and during the major award attention). Then of course, toss in the special effects magic of the Winklevoss twins- Armie Hemmer played the 2 guys quite well off each other/off himself. They added a nice dark comedic bit to the film. I wouldn’t ‘award’ the actors specifically yet an ensemble they fit together perfectly.For all of you involved in Oscar polls, it’s almost certain that Social Network will win for Adapted Screenplay and most likely for Director for David Fincher. Best Picture- the Social Network has definitely made ‘friends’ with A LOT of best picture awards (the Globes, TO/LA/San Fran/Chicago/National Society Film Critics, just to name a few), so it definitely is a front runner.From an odds perspective, if The Social Network is up solely against the King’s Speech, I really hope Oscar accepts this friend request based on relevance, sophistication and impact on today. The Social Network created more talk and just felt fresher than a well made period piece. Although The Social Network is not my personal ‘best picture’, I would be happy if it won. It’s done amazing with Critics and audiences. It’s done well at the Box Office, pulling in almost 100 million. Going back to the first comment I was told about The Social Network- “it will change your life”. I have to ask again- has the movie changed my life? No. Has facebook changed my life- yes. It’s managed to sneak in completely to my daily routines, just as much as teeth brushing and going to bed at night. We are the social network- This is our movie.