Nowhere Boy (98 min)

The Beatles are regarded as one of the greatest bands ever. They were a band that were said to have changed everything, and they did with their cleverly written lyrics about love as well as sensational hallucinations they experienced battling their typical 60’s drug addiction with acid. They used their song writing to make themselves known and known they became as one of the most influential bands to ever play. They also had a collection of some very, very talented singers and instrument players that bonded together to form the perfect band. This perfect band had to have started somewhere, and this film is the depiction of the making of this forever popular and forever remembered band. It is excellent too, even though I heard it was very inaccurate. I believe that they were very minor inaccuracies though. This movie is good all the way through. The old fashioned setting, the more than great performances by all the actors and the powerful story is what makes this powerful film so powerful and forever memorable just like the impactful legends that the story is shown through. “Nowhere Boy” is Rated R for language and a scene of sexuality.