Channing Tatum, Alex Pettyfer and Matthew McConaughey star in ‘Magic Mike’
If you are a fan of movies featuring mostly naked men then this one you’ll like

In it, Tatum plays a guy who is a veteran of the male stripping night club scene
Pettyfer plays the young stud who gets brought into this world but is very green

McConaughey is the manager of the club but also does a little dancing as well
These guys, and the other men in this film, are in great shape it’s easy to tell

It’s all not dancing, stripping and fun as some drama develops along the way
Tatum’s character is saving his money and wants to start his own business one day

The new guy gets seduced by the booze, drugs and girls found in his new way of life
And then there’s his sister who is uneasy with this lifestyle and the extra, added strife

Even though it’s mostly a drama there are some fun, funny scenes here and there
The last third of the film slows down and drags a bit, of this you should be aware

There are plenty of ‘6-pack’ abs and naked butt checks that certainly flaunt and tease
If you go into this with mild expectations then I think this is one that can please