The last film of the late great Pete Postlethwaite who playes the fergus ‘fergie’ colm an irish operation don.  

A film that passed through straight to dvd. Starring one of the great names in acting, Ben Afleck (Armegeddon,Pearl Harbour) and co-starring Jeremy Renner (the hurtlocker, 28 Weeks Later) and Rebecca Hall (the prestige) in this thrilling picture of armed robbery and the history of one certain place in america where this is a speciallity and a passed down trait. Based on Charlstown.  

 The film starting off with an explosive start, which includes the thrilling cat and mouse situation through the film, is far more then that. After a job, doug Mcray (affleck) and james couphlin (renner). doug starts to fall in love with the witness of the event claire keesey ( Hall)  which sees a change in heart over his future. After one last  job doug decides he is  to leave  and the job gets turned on its head. Whilst the police and FBI are closing in on the case. This is not a ending you would expect. For the film is full of twists and turns with the truths coming to pass which means a revengeful decision on the facts Doug finds out about his missing mum.  It does slow down and there are stages where the story is thick, but with the explosive beginning and un-expected ending with a filling of cat and mouse chasing, it is well worth to watch.  It is even comercal in places where they have to dress up. The middle of the film has a filling of romantic energy with action revolving around that.