“In the beginning there was the Word and the God had the Word and the Word was the God. The Word is the Light, and when the light went, it manifested the creation “(The Bible)

The Word is the power. The Word can offend, The Word can inspire …

[1936 … 1 / 4 of world is ruled by George V. After his death the throne comes to his son, George VI. The king, went down in history primarily as a symbol of struggle of Great Britain against Nazi Germany during World War II]

The film is built on the king’s attempt to get rid of nervous stammer.

From the outset, the film is intriguing. And the intrigue is not in the story, because only the first 5 minutes are viewed. After these five minutes one can realize that the film is good.

The film begins with the fact that the king should give a speech at Wembley Stadium. He went out and a stupefaction. Look how perfectly this moment is shot! Music stops, a silent stillness, millions of eyes are looking at him, only indifferent horse’s cackling in the background. All-in-waiting. What a stress! And this unfortunate microphone, which announces even the smallest movement of the larynx.

As I’ve already mentioned, the king is suffering from a nervous stammer. His wife, Queen Mary, finds an Australian speech therapist Lionel Logue, hoping that he will manage to help.

The king is rather skeptical about the unusual treatments. After all, George VI is not peculiar to discuss the personal life of the king with the ordinary man. But, despite all the misunderstandings and even fights, the king sees that it helps him. Now their main common goal is to prepare the king for an important speech to his people, which will play an important role – it will inspire people to a terrible war.

Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush deserve the particular attention.

Colin Firth  is an excellent actor of English drama, who has won an Oscar nomination for Best Actor. Firth’s hero is a responsible person who cares about the welfare of his country. He mistrustfully looks at his brother’s behavior, who leaves the throne because of a divorced woman. He finds solace only in the company of his wife and daughters.

Colin Firth expertly portrays a man, who has the responsibility on his shoulders.

Geoffrey Rush is an australian actor, who prefers to star in the historical and theatrical films. Rush’s hero is an unsuccessful actor who is trying to play on stage. He does not really understand where his true vocation is. Logue begins to use non-standard techniques when the king comes to him. He asks the King about his feelings, thereby provoking his indignation and anger. After that we know that the anger of his royal patient is a medical instrument. Geoffrey Rush shows how an ordinary person who does not have any documents confirming that he is a doctor, can also cure a person, as well as experienced doctors. In addition, he shows how “the man from the street” can become a good adviser to the king.

The film is directed by Tom Hooper who is familiar by such films as “The Damned United” and “John Adams”. He specializes mainly in historical films and gives us one more his creation. This is not just a movie, this is a real creation. Not everyone dares to take over the forgotten story from the king’s life and be able to show it so professionally that the audience would applaud looking at running titles in the end of the film.

The film “The King’s speech” undoubtedly will go down in history. Finally, the audience has waited for the film which attracts because of not special effects but its originality and good acting and directing work