Wouldn’t it be great to have magical powers like the people we see on T.V. all of the time? Well, it’s not for Dave (Jay Baruchel); all was ordinary for Dave’s life until he went running into the wind after a note a girl gave to him. The note flies into an antique shop where Dave meets Balthazar (Nicholas Cage), a former sorcerer’s apprentice of the great Merlin. Balthazar, Veronica (Monica Bellucci), and Horvath (Alfred Molina) was all Merlin’s apprentice until Horvath betrays them and joins forces with Merlin’s rivalry, Morgana (Alice Krige). Morgana defeats Merlin and works towards destroying Balthazar until Veronica captures Morgana’s soul. Balthazar traps both souls in a china doll vase to protect Veronica from Morgana’s soul killing her. Before Merlin closes his eyes to welcome death, he tells Balthazar that he has an heir to take his place and only he can defeat Morgana. After searching for Merlin’s replacement for a century, he stumbles right into him. Balthazar informs young Dave of his birthright but the story comes short when Horvath returns to capture the doll. During the brawling of Balthazar and Horvath, they are sucked into a large vase tube for ten years. Ten years later, Balthazar finds Dave and begins training. Does Dave have what it takes to defeat the most powerful sorcerer? Will Horvath get the doll and bring back Morgana to finish her evil plans? Review:I liked this film. My favorite part is the re-enactment of the magical household items from Disney’s Fantasia. I enjoyed how the original was kept and more humor was brought in suitable for children and adults. I loved Dave. He was the complete stereotype of a certifiable nerd, minus the glasses and suspenders; but he does have the quirky hair and the squeaky voice. His voice sounds like he knows anything about everything; I didn’t think it was real. I watched the behind-the-scenes and the voice is REAL! Go figure. I wish to see Nicholas Cage in more movies like Face-Off with John Travolta, great film. Seeing him in this type of movie is not so bad, I just prefer the action junky or psycho killer. I don’t have anything negative to say, it was a joy to watch beginning to end. All in all, I will watch this film again.