This review is of Adam Sandler’s ‘Grown Ups’.

‘Grown Ups’ is a family comedy which is full of laughs for the whole family. It brings together 5 dear friends who go back to when they conquered a possible contreversial championship as a basketball youth team. All actors bringing there own comedy to the movie all revolving around adam sandler.

This movie sees the families of the 5  friends come together during the passing of an important mentor and friend, their Basketball Coach. As they even make the service comercal thats where the comedy starts. As each charcter brings something to the humour, sandler is a succesful hollywood agent, rock being household husband, james is an un-employed salesman using a mask, spade being an alcoholic womanise and schneider being a twice divorced hippie married to someone old enough to be his mother.

With all the kids, growing up in a different decade to the fathers, there week-end is soon turned on its head in order for them to appreciate everything and what their fathers had. Brining the families closer together and friendships being tied up in knots. With changes in heart and morals being flown around. You have arguments which are humourous, actions which are even funnier and a big bang finale which sees everyone on the same page and back to being a team. As they take their contreversial basket ball rematch with a opposite team entirely as they want revenge on there defeat to sandlers team.

to conclude this film is fun packed, filled with family quarrels, changing trends and one aim in which to have as much fun as possible. This really is a funny family film. The comedy does start from the funeral and it doesnt stop there neither. Once again adam sandler delievers a Family comedy which delivers.