Toy Story 3 (103 min)

What a perfect ending to a perfect series. The last of the greatly acclaimed Toy Story movies is full of laughs and thrills to keep you full entertained throughout. Andy is off to college and is trying to figure out what to do with all of his toys, especially his favorite ones. Buzz and Woody along with the rest of the gang are back and better than ever. They are recently threatened by the fact that Andy is leaving them but they are also threatened by the fact that they all may be separated as well. They devise a plan where they will all end up in the attic to live the rest of their days together, except for Woody who has been chosen from all the rest of the toys to join Andy in college. The plan carries on anyways but goes all when there is a mix up with the garbage bags containing the toys and they all, including Woody, end up at a daycare center run by a tyrant of a stuffed bear and a bunch of insane kids who are ready to cause chaos and destruction to any toy in sight. The adventures and the plans to break out start from there with Woody heading them up as usual, and they are every bit as intense and more adventurous if not more than the previous two films. The new director Lee Unkrich does a fantastic job of that as well as bringing this heartwarming and classical phenomenon of a movie collection to a sad yet absolutely perfect end. “Toy Story 3” is rated G for all audiences.