With Colin Firth’s popularity growing I decided to dig around for some of his recent films and I came across a little gem called “Dorian Gray”, based on the novel by Oscar Wilde. Firth was a major supporting role in the British film directed by Oliver Parker. The film follows a young man considered to amazingly attractive named Dorian Gray who comes into a fortune after the passing of his grandfather. He later befriends a painter who feels that he must  paint Mr. Gray, he also meets an arrogant man named Lord Henry Wotton (Played by Colin Firth) who becomes interested in corrupting Gray.

Once the painting is finished, he looks at himself and Wotton tells him he will not always look like his painting. This causes him to do what any sensible person would do and barter his soul in return for eternal youth, granting him immortality, but when he soon finds out that the painting reveals his true self, which slowly becomes a hideous creature, he must hide it from the world.

Overall the film was pretty entertaining, it has the obvious moments where it is very dull and also scenes where it gets very sexually uncomfortable where he seduces men and starts living out sick fetishes. The film was really brought to life by a great performance from the star Ben Barnes who was charming, yet eerily creepy which is exactly what makes the character Dorian Gray so interesting, he’s given immortality and it corrupts him, but he is so unhappy because of it.

The real reason I watched the film was to see Colin Firth who does an excellent job and really commands the screen when he’s on it and most of the time he takes all attention from the main character. Wotton is an interesting character who only wants to feel young and he is very much a creep who wants to take Gray under his wing so that he can have someone like him around, which in most cases, is a bad idea. He is like this until he has a child, who he doesn’t even want at the time but it ends up making him a changed man who cares deeply for his daughter, which makes him the one you root for in the end as Gray has become somewhat of a villain and mentally unstable. The film was well worth checking out and is on Netflix for those interested.