WARNING: This review contains spoilers. For me not to feel like an ass and ruin a movie for you, please skip over movies that you have not seen, so as to allow yourself to watch a good movie in the near future.

Since I royally screwed up my previous posting of Greatest Endings, I figured I’d do a simple top 10 and see if anyone agrees with these ones. If you disagree or if you think I forgot something, by all means, say so.

10. There Will Be Blood – Daniel Plainview kills Eli with a bowling pin in his luxurious house, afterwards exclaiming “I’m finished” to the butler, expressing how his life was the movie, and how his actions were inevitably leading to this point.

9. Se7en – Kevin Spacey cut Brad Pitt’s wife’s head off and put it in a box. Morgan Freeman found this box, and Brad Pitt, out of anger, since Kevin Spacey’s sin was envy, and Pitt’s sin was wrath. The movie ends after Brad Pitt shoots Spacey, which is what Spacey wanted, and Freeman narrates.

8. Memento – Guy Pearce’s wife killed herself, and throughout the movie, he has been looking for a killer, though there was none. He decided, since his friend angered him, and was a police officer, to target him as the killer, and he started off again. He got to the tattoo shop, with a lost memory again, and looked down seeing that a new person, he did not yet know who, was the killer of his wife.

7. Following – The police officer tells the Young Man that he is the person they suspected killed The Blonde, and he realizes that that was Cobb’s plan for him all along. As he is arrested and taken out of the place, Cobb mixes into a crowd of people from outside, leaving view forever.

6. Revolver – Mr. Green’s “associates” (Andre Benjamin and Big Italian Guy (BIG)) were actually the prisoners that befriended him and broke out of jail. His psyche could have made everything else up, but at the ending chess game, all else is revealed, and the last shot is Andre Benjamin winning the game of chess and saying “checkmate.”

5. TIE

>The Departed – Colin Sullivan, the rat, walks into his apartment to be met by a gloved and padded Dignam, who shoots him in the head and leaves, every central character now being dead.

>Brick – Laura informs Brendan that he is Emily’s father through an ending twist, and it is assumed that the king was killed by Tug, who was probably killed or arrested by the police. A final question is asked by Brain, being “what did she say?” which is answered by Brendan “she called me a dirty word.” This is assumed to be the word “father.”

4. Kill Bill Vol. 1 – Bill asks Sofie if The Bride knows that her daughter is still alive.

3. TIE

>The Prestige – Christian Bale, who was, through two people, the magician Alfred and the engineer Fallon. He shoots Angier and tells him this before he dies, and the other man that was Alfred/Fallon is hanged. The place with all of Angier’s magic and objects of the craft burns down.

>The Illusionist – Eisenheim faked Sophie’s death and framed Leopold with murder. The ending shows that Eisenheim is walking up to a house in a different place with Sophie waiting for him.

>Donnie Darko – Donnie was killed by the turbine that fell through the roof, after going through the time portal, and Gretchen rides up to the house, asking a boy what happened. He said that his neighbor, named Donnie Darko, was killed. She looks to the mother, who is smoking a cigarette, flustered, and waves. The mother waves back with a fake smile on her face, as Gretchen looks blankly towards the mother. Cut to black. You have to see this movie to find the reasoning for its awesomeness.

>Southland Tales – The Rock is giving a speech as the Sean William Scotts travel up in the air because of their ability to manipulate the dimension they are in, because they are two of the exact same thing coexisting. Lou Taylor Pucci shoots a missile into the zeppelin where The Rock is giving the speech of the end of days, and it destroys the zeppelin, and all of the people inside of it. Ending shot of Sean William Scott’s eyes, which are changing color, possibly signifying that he is, in the story’s perspective, a rebirth of Jesus, as Justin Timberlake narrates: “Because he was a pimp. And pimps… don’t… commit… suicide.”

2. Vanilla Sky – Tom Cruise jumps off of the building, and a voice, indistinguishable, says “Relax David, open your eyes.” His eye opens, and he breathes what sound like a sigh of relief as they cut to credits.

1. Inception – Cobb, finally home, spins his pewter top totem and runs to his children at the door, them bonding once again for the first time in a while. The camera shows the totem as it continues to spin, and then, just as it begins to possibly wobble, it cuts to black.