Version:1.0 StartHTML:0000000105 EndHTML:0000006366 StartFragment:0000002344 EndFragment:0000006330 The Good Guy: Will You Know Him When You Meet Him?  A Romantic “Comedy” set in any basic city probably around 2003 before all these electronics became popular and the world became so modern. Main Characters Alexis Bledel (Beth) know from the popular Gilmore Girls, and Sister Hood of The Traveling Pants 1 & 2, Scott Porter (Tommy) of Friday Night Lights, Bandslam, and Prom Night, and Bryan Greenberg (Daniel) of One Tree Hill, The Perfect Score, October Road, and also a musician. The second scene displays several others very well know actors within two minutes. This makes it seam like it might be something like Oceans 11, 12, and 13. Luckily turning out not to be another famous actors only film.  Five more minutes in and the love story becomes evident, and already they have issues with some old flame. The movie is about two brokers on Wall Street. Tommy is the head of his team and is dating Beth. Daniel is the new, very shy, smart, un social guy who was just promoted. Daniel tries to help Tommy out with finding a girl at the library, were he first meets Beth.  Through out the whole movie Tommy is pushed by his boss to fire Daniel or make him more interesting. So he changes up the wardrobe and takes him out for guy’s night and try’s to help him build up his confidence and talk to a girl.  Later evident it was not needed so much and it was more like Tommy pushing him to be more like the rest of the guys. And that’s when the issues and love triangle begins. The movie is eighty-seven minutes and ends basically back were it started. It is one of those movies that shows almost the ending in the beginning and then goes back a few weeks to show you what happened. The Actors were good as always, however both Alexis and Bryan always seem to be playing the same character types. Alexis is the regular smart, attractive girl with boyfriend trouble, and Bryan is the shy somewhat outsider. Scott was still the typical hot head, macho man, however he was also the player and a** witch he is not often depicted as witch was a nice change. Honestly I would like to see Alexis as being a heartbreaker some time. She is always so sweet and innocent and I think it works for her because that’s probably close to how she really is, but I would like to see her step outside that comfort zone. The movie was enjoyable. However it was your classic love story. Girl meets boy number one and falls in love, girl meets boy number two and also falls in love and the plot thickens.  The classic love triangle, the player, and the heartache, everything and anything need to make a romance. Yes it is good maybe a 2 and half stars if it was the newspapers. Problem is, pick any one of the issues in the relationship, and you will find it in another movie. As for the quotes I did that because I don’t believe it should be classified as a comedy. There are maybe three or four funny sections but the most that came out was a giggle.  I would not consider that comedy. As for the poster it also does not show comedy. Don’t get me wrong it fits the movie perfectly but maybe the people deciding the genre should have actually watched the movie and looked at the poster. Overall the movie is pretty good, but it does make all the guys on Wall Street look like … if u get my drift. And the only one guy that isn’t ends up quitting so not a good representation of brokers.