I am an avid movie watcher/supporter. I think that I, without sounding like a pompous ass, have a good say on movies. So when a movie comes along that confuses me so much so that I love it and watch it two more times afterwards to get all of it, most people WILL NOT get it. That being said, this movie IS such an example, in fact, in my movie experience, it is the ONLY movie that has done this to me (aside form 12 Monkeys, but I’m not counting it because I was 9 when I saw it). I’m a HUGE fan of Donnie Darko, I think it is one of the greatest, most original movies ever. And, as a follow up, Richard Kelly wrote and directed Southland Tales, which was full of more hidden meaning than I can even express.

This Dystopian feature is about Boxer Santaros (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson), who is an action movie star who is married to the daughter of Senator Frost, who is running for Vice President in the nearing election against the Democratic Neo-Marxist groups, awakens with a wiped memory, and finds himself upon a former porn-star (Sarah Michelle Gellar). Together, they wrote a screenplay, which dictated the events of the coming apocalypse. Ronald Taverner is posing as his twin brother, cop Roland Taverner, for the Neo-Marxists in an attempt to have the democratic Clinton (Hilary of course) Administration voted into office. Ronald is giving Boxer a ride-along so that he can see how a cop acts so that he can get in to character for his movie (the one about the end of the world). Then, something that involves officer Bart Bookman (Jon Lovitz, yes, that Jon Lovitz) happens, which shakes the fabric of the coming events for each character. Wallace Shawn (the “Inconceivable!” dude from Princess Bride) plays Baron von Westphalen, the creator of a remote energy source called Liquid Karma which is to replace the fossil fuels we use. But little does society know that he plans to use the Liquid Karma system to rule the world…. And then there’s Pilot Abilene, a Middle-Eastern War Veteran who knew Taverner and was a test subject for Liquid Karma. He is narrating the movie with verses from the book of Revelations, which is essentially what the movie as a whole is about.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is not a spoiler, but I think that in the ending, and all I’m gonna say is just my thought, it won’t ruin anything because it is too brief and only if you saw it can you even take an estimate on what I’m saying, but I think that in the end, it is showing that he is the second coming of the messiah. Just my thought. P.S., is it me or does Richard Kelly like people being shot in the eye?

Okay, so, now we are here.

Best Aspects: Amazing writing, surprisingly good acting (The Rock and Timberlake? Color me shocked), and BEAUTIFUL camera work/editing.

Bottom Line: A+. You probably won’t get this movie the first time you see it because it is more twisty than a kid with Scoliosis’ bicycle tire tracks, but once you get it, the movie is amazing and is an instant classic, much like Darko.