This film is about a U.S. military solider named Jonah Hex(Josh Broslin) who turned his back on his superior and peers because he didn’t want to participate in their wrongdoings. This act led to the death of the infamous and dangerous, Quentin Turnball’s (John Malkovich) son. Turnball returns the favor by buring Hex’s family alive while Hex watches outside tied up to a pole. Turnball embrands his initials on Hex’s face so that he will  always remember that night. Years later, Hex is a boundy hunter and is on the search for Turnball. Will he get his revenge? Will he ever love again?


I thought the film was a good watch. I enjoyed the mixture of the comics in the movie, eventhough I never read them. Josh Broslin is a great actor and it was refreshing watching his performance throughout the film. As far as Megan Fox’s character, Lilah, I felt was not a neccessity factor to add to the film. Sure she is beautiful and great for eye-candy, but as far as the acting, it was below average. Megan made a statement as for the reason why she chose not to do Transformers 3 was because she wanted to focus on becoming a serious actress; yet her next film (this one) she plays a prostitute with a horrible accent. The scenery and film locations were great and went perfectly with the storyline. All in all, I can watch this film again.