This is a really bad movie. With 1965’s “The Beach Girls and the Monster” you get a mess of a film that has your typical B-movie formula. Terrible acting, horrible music, and awful production values is certified bad entertainment. The film tries to present itself as one of those beach/horror movies that were popular in the 1960s, but fails at every level. With a movie that’s just ridiculously bad, you must avoid it at all cost, unless you’re really curious and interested in this stuff.

The plot of the movie follows the basics of the B-movie genre. A group of teenagers like to go have some fun near the local beach. But in a cave nearby lurks a monster that kills these teens without any warning. An investigation as to who is the criminal mind is behind the murders proves useless. Meanwhile, Dr. Otto Lindsay must try and create a perfect bond between his son Richard and his new wife Vicky. But Richard does not want to listen to his father, and Vicky is fed up with her husband leaving Otto in a jealous rage. Hmm, I wonder where this will go?

“The Beach Girls and the Monster” excels in everything that makes a bad movie what it is. The acting is atrocious and the direction is just terrible. The camera work is even worse. Because there is constant zooming and quick jump cuts in-between sequences, it gets irritating. This is especially true with the editing. Finally, the music is just horrible; most of the time the soundtrack does not fit with what is going on. And as a special bonus, the songs used are god-awful. With titles like Dance Baby Dance and More Than Wanting You, it’s a shame that Frank Sinatra, Jr. even agreed to this project at all. That’s right, Frank Sinatra, Jr. did the music. Let that settle in your minds people.

Overall, “The Beach Girls and the Monster” is a really poor excuse for a film. There is no entertaining value presented in the movie at all. My advice, stay away from this movie by all means necessary.