Morning Glory

Starring: Rachel McAdams, Harrison Ford and Diane Keaton

Directed by: Roger Michell

Runtime: 102 mins


Roger Michell is a director notorious for his art and style. One of his best works being Nothing hill, we should be ready to expect nothing less than this from his 2010 movie named Morning Glory. Combining the immense quality and acting abilities of names such as Harrison Ford (Star Wars), Rachel McAdams (Sherlock Holmes), Diane Keaton (The Godfather movies) and Jeff Goldblum (Independence day), Morning Glory takes us for a spin around the oh-so-known carousel of changing one city for another within the borders of a sweet romantic comedy.


Becky Fuller (Rachel McAdams) is the chief of a fictional TV network called IBS, channel which owns and shows the morning program Daybreak. Being portrayed as a sexy, charming and mostly resolved person, she is facing the challenge of her life: to revive the already dying show that is Daybreak. Hardship follows as she tries, being a new recruit also, to make a successful CPR to the morning boredom. Her most powerful antagonist is called Mike Pomeroy and is played by none other but Harrison Ford himself. Due to a clause in his contract he needs to act as a part of the team, but this does not include making Becky’s life a living hell as h tried his best to make her quit or even get into a depressive state. The strange thing in the movie’s story is that he, being as aristocratic, selfish and egocentric as he is, manages to ignore his own personal believes and ideals for a friendship that is not only newborn, but also not very perspective. However, keeping in mind that this is a comedy, we should not be too picky about the plot and other minor problems.


Morning glory is not about depth. It is about having a good time while resting and enjoying your leisure time. There is nothing wrong with spending some cheery time with friends, watching a simplistic but cute movie which can take away the boredom and stress off the day. The story is subtle, lively and charismatic. There are flaws in the plot the biggest of which is the relationship between Becky and Adam, which can be easily deleted from the script without this taking any effect on the main story. There are flaws in the movie as a whole the biggest of which being the fact that there is just not enough presence of the big names which can save the life of this flick. However, even if what’s just said is true, there is a lot of fun and smiles when one watches Morning Glory. It’s just like with the flowers which bear the same name. They are not flawless, they are simple and small. They are also fragile and often dirtied by the dust and mud, because they are quite the short type. But they are also extremely pretty and gentle; causing an intense wish to smile when seeing them.


Grade:  B Check out for all the latest movie news and rumors.