Frost/Nixon was an absolute gem of a motion picture. There was nothing about it that I didn’t love. Based on true events, it is about the time period in American history following the infamous Watergate Scandal involving President Richard M. Nixon. Nixon (played flawlessly by Frank Langella). President Nixon did not take part in any interviews on the subject until he agreed to be interviewed by a British talk show host, David Frost. This television event (the most watched news program in U.S. history) became more important than anyone could have ever imagined. Frost (Michael Sheen, also an excellent performance), a seemingly laid back and not very serious man, becomes focused and determined to achieve a goal that would please most of the American people; to get a confession out of the former president. This intense, heavy-weight fight of an interview will live on in American history forever. The movie which could have potentially been boring and slow was not at any point. The film was directed brilliantly. It was very important that the movie accomplished two major goals, to entertain through a spellbinding drama and to teach with historical accuracy; both were achieved. The movie is, as far as I am concerned, historically accurate including the personalities of the main characters. Very few things were changed from the original 1977 interview. This film will undoubtedly be nominated for numerous awards. I think it gas to have strong consideration for best picture. It’s very close for me between Slumdog Millionaire and Frost/Nixon but I think one of those two should and will win the award. Also Frank Langella should definitely be looked at for either best actor or best supporting actor (I’m not sure which he is considered). It truly was a phenomenal film.