The Spirit is literally one of the worst movies I have ever seen in my entire life. There was not one good part of it except, of course, the moment it was over. Based on the graphic novel by Will Eisner, Frank Miller (in his debut as a solo director) tries to follow up a great comic book film which he co-directed, Sin City, with The Spirit. I don’t even know where to start on explaining how bad the movie was and why. One thing I didn’t like was that Miller seemed to be unsure of what genre to turn it into and how to display the book. The movie came off as a maybe a cop/crime drama, or action/thriller, or comedy but none were definitive. The acting was annoying especially by Samuel L. Jackson as the Octopus as well as Louis Lombardi as the Octopus’ cloned assistants. Gabriel Macht was not terrible as the spirit but he wasn’t very good either. The movie is about a former cop who rises form the dead to become a vigilante super-hero and protect “his city.” This former cop takes on a new persona and name; the spirit. The spirit faces his worst and most powerful enemy, the Octopus. The spirit will stop at nothing to kill the octupus. There are also other story lines; pretty much the movie is all over the place. Miller fails to develope the psychological complexes of the characters that he clearly attempted to show and this helped to bring the movie down even lower. The least you could have expected out of this movie would be that it is cool and exciting but it isn’t really either of them. The only decent parts were the spirit’s narrations at the beginning and end. Pretty much everything about this movie was terribly awful and I am embarrassed for anyone who had to do with the production of the film.