It is rare in Hollywood to find a movie that has the perfect combination of direction, writing, and acting. In Colombia Pictures’ The Social Network, director David Fincher, screenplay writer Aaron Sorkin, and the cast form such a team. There are three parts of the movie that needed to be carefully developed: the characterization of Mark Zuckerberg (Jesse Eisenberg) and other characters, the creation of The Facebook web page, and the depiction of the many hours of legal argument. The superb weaving and intertwining of these three aspects makes the movie exceptional. Rare for a dialogue driven movie, there were no dull parts to this film. This can be traced directly back to the director and writer. When they are combined with flawless casting and acting the movie is bound for greatness. Early in the watching experience one feels a deep connection and knowledge of the multiple characters, a crucial achievement. Not only are you merely watching the movie, but you become emotionally invested in what will occur next. It is hard to find flaws in this movie. It is not too long like many current movies produced, it depicts real drama without going over the top, and it tells a story of which everyone wants to be a part (many people already are). If it never ended I would still be sitting and watching it. The Social Network is the must see of the year and is now the probable front-runner for best picture.