When watching movies from IFC, I normally expect 1 of two things within the first 2 minutes: 1) The movie sucks very bad. 2) The movie is alright. Only with two movies preceding this one (Wristcutters & The Good, the Bad, the Weird) have I, the whole way through, thought that an IFC movie was great.

Exam is about 8 people who are selected for a very secretive job interview who have rules to answer a question, a singular question, without contacting the interview leader, without making contact with the security guard at the door, without leaving and without “spoiling” their paper or they will be disqualified. The interview leader leaves and the applicants turn the paper they have over to read the question… but there is nothing written on the other side. Now, in 80 minutes, to get the job they’ve been working for for years, they must not only answer the question, but find out what it is.

Best Aspects: Acting was actually good, the writing was well done, and the plot was very unique and new. The twists and turns are good and light enough to take many in, and provide a generally good shape overall for the movie.

Bottom Line: A. One of the only good movies I have seen come from IFC. A must-see for a psychological thriller lover.