“Paranormal Activity is one of the scariest movies of all time” … Bloody Discusting

A young couple, Katie and Micah, have recently moved into a suburban home in southern California. Katie (played by Katie Featherston) believes that a sinister presence is haunting her at their new residence; an on- going event that has transpired since her childhood.  

An assessment by a psychic reveals that she is being haunted by a demon not by a ghost, and its intention is to frighten and torment Katie where ever she resides. Before departing, the psychic advises the couple do not taunt or attempt to communicate with the demon. Micah (played by Micah Sloat) is skeptic and unwilling to accept outside help, sets up a video camera in the couples bedroom to film any paranormal activity that may arise while they slumber.  

Over the course of many nights, supernatural phenomena are captured on video, consisting of; the bedroom door creaking as it moves by itself, brisk footsteps heard from downstairs, loud bangs, inhuman noises, doors slamming shut, and a Ouija boards planchette moves on its own as the board then catches on fire and snuffs itself. Further footage reveals Katie waking up and standing in a trance over her sleeping boyfriend for hours with no recollection of it the next day. Micah continues to taunt the evil spirit and the haunting worsens in the nights ahead. 

After another visit from the psychic, whose presence has angered the demon even more, leaves immediately. A few nights later Katie is dragged out of bed and down the hall by an unseen entity, is retrieved moments later by Micah, only to discover the next morning that she has a huge bite mark on her back …       

REVIEW ~ The film works it’s supernatural magic.The last 15 minutes are hair-raising, on the edge of your seat, sending multiple shivers through out your veins … and when you hear the blood curdling screams, your heart will quicken and your nerves will cause you to shake. This chilling journey takes you to darker depths inside your psyche, questioning noises, shadows, and things that go bump in the night. Reverting the viewer back to childhood nightmares and wanting the closet or bathroom light on when all other lights go out.  ~

The movie has been called “frightening…freaky and terrifying”. Bloody-Disgusting.com ranked the film 16th in their list of the “Top 20 Horror Films of the Decade”.

Three alternate endings were created, however the original has a much creepier element invoking the horror into a pulsating pounding chest.

Filmed in the style of “found footage”, with retro-scripting given to the actors, the writer and director (Oren Peli) explains his reasoning in the creation of the most malevolent and violent entities, being “demons” … it taps into a human beings most primal, that of ultimate fear.

Written by Author LadyGray