Hmmmmm… when the God Father come’s mind you think of a few thing’s. Those being crime and murder but you also think of the intellectuality and wiseness it delivers.  The God Father 2 doesn’t disappoint, and it’s no wonder this is one of the only academy-award wining sequel’s. And Jeez, do sequel’s suck. The God Father 2 will remain in your psyche for your life, it’s just that superb. It visit’s the life of a early aged Vito Corleone and the trial’s and tribulations that made him to the gangster, loyal, and substantial character he was in the first film. With visit’s to his early years, we also come face to face with a new Micheal Corleone who’s life as a new God Father seems almost a death-wish waiting to occur. Over-all this sequel to the gangster classic is just as time-honored as the first. Anyone looking for a really great film to admire for a period of your life let this be it.