I was thirteen the first time I saw There Will Be Blood, and I hated it. Boring with a cheesy ending, cheesy lines, and some weird music. Three years later (tonight), I sat down and watched the Oscar-nominated masterpiece, the definitive high-point of Paul Thomas Anderson’s career (though I don’t know, maybe Hard Eight was better…). I was never able to understand the film then for its true ability, but now I realize that the movie had a well-done score that fit every moment well, AMAZING direction with shots that made my mouth agape at times, and beautiful acting from all cast members. The lines were cheesy and funny at times, but the way Daniel Day-Lewis delivered them made them seem so genuine and real that any watcher would question how he was able to say them with such magnitude. And the ending… oh, what an ending.

The movie is about an oil tycoon (if you will) named Daniel Plainview, who, with his son H.W., travel to a town called Little Boston, where a family, including town preacher Eli Sunday (Paul Dano), dwell. Eli sets out to make as much money off of Plainview as possible through his scandalous attitude and through the events which cost Plainview all that he loves and crushes his dreams of a happy ending.

Best Aspects: Acting, directing/cinematography and editing. The editing job in this movie, and it is rare that I give accolades for editing since I know how to edit quite well, is outstanding. The acting deserved what awards it got and then some, and the cinematography, like in all of PTA’s movies, is amazing.

Bottom Line: A+. A tie for the best movie of 2007 with Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. Amazing movie, I’d recommend it to anyone who doesn’t mind if a movie is a little bit slow but gives greatness back in the long run.