Black humor and action movies generally go hand and hand.  Sometimes they work quite well, I.E The Losers.  But most times they feel forced and generally stupid, Crank 2 anyone?  Watching Operation: Endgame, I’m reminded of what good, witty banter is all about.

Endgame starts out with “Fool” (yes, that is his name.) being picked up using code talk to start his first day with “the Factory”.  We’re then introduced to the two opposing teams of assassins (Alpha and Omega) who work in the same underground facility, one of which blotched a mission from the night before.  Someone kills the big boss of the teams, who initiates the endgame, a program that locks up the underground office and blow up in 2 hours.  The teams search for a way out, all the while killing each other.

What makes this movie good is watching everyone cut each other down with some truly great insults.  Almost every line from Rob Corddry is absolute gold.  Usually movies about assassins translates to watching someone dressed in all black hiding in the shadows waiting to either stab a target or riddle a car with enough ammo to build a bridge over the Mississippi River.  Endgame stands out because in all the kills, there is only 3 shooting deaths.  All the other kills are pretty intuitive and original.

The only drawback with Endgame is the ensemble cast.  There are to many people here, which means that most of them don’t have alot of lines and are basically here just to fill a body bag.  Zach Galifanakis has roughly 15 minutes screen time, and his time isn’t nearly as funny as say the Hangover or Out Cold.  While the movie does have it’s flaws, it’s still good none the less.  It’s worth a rent to see some truly great insults hurled by Rob Corddry at a security camera.