There are snakes on a plane in this movie. If the title hadn’t given that away to you, you now have a good idea as to what Snakes on a Plane is going to offer you. If this title intrigues you, then it is possible that this film will be enjoyable. If the title makes you weep a bit for the current state of films, then you might want to look for your entertainment elsewhere.

If the title didn’t completely give it away, the plot mostly consists of there being a bunch of snakes on an airplane. The reason for this is revealed later on in the film, but there is likely a good chance you will figure out way before the film tells you. No, subtlety isn’t something that Snakes on a Plane strives for, and definitely doesn’t attain it.

The strength of the film, if there is one, is the fact that the film is silly enough to be somewhat entertaining. It’s not good by any means, and the ending has a lot to be desired, but for the most part, it is a fun film to watch. That is, of course, if you can get past how ridiculous the entire movie is.

There actually is more of a plot than the title gives away, so I suppose explaining it wouldn’t be the oddest thing to do. After being witness to a murder in Hawaii, Sean Jones is escorted by the FBI back to America. On the flight back, snakes are released, and things start to go bad for the crew and for the passengers.

Okay, so there really wasn’t that much more of a plot, but at least the film gives a reason for the FBI to be on the plane. The two FBI agents are Samuel L. Jackson and Mark Houghton. I didn’t list their character names, because they aren’t important at all, and barely even get mentioned within the film. All that you need to know is that Samuel L. Jackson’s character is the one that is going to be running the show once things begin to go wrong.

He also ends up being the only noteworthy character within Snakes on a Plane. No one else gets any characterization, and instead they are based on clichés and stereotypes. Half of them aren’t even given names before the snakes attack. We aren’t given reason to care about any of them, so when the snakes show up, we don’t care. Some of them are even annoying enough so that we want them to be killed. As bad as that sounds, it actually is true. Some of these characters have absolutely no redeeming qualities, and the “build-up” they are given makes you hope that they won’t make it from the incoming disaster.

I suppose that the genre Snakes on a Plane is going for is a “B-movie horror”, but it doesn’t live up to the second part of that at all. It’s certainly a b-grade movie, never really taking itself all that seriously. Unfortunately, it can’t really be called a horror movie, due to the fact that it isn’t ever scary. I can see how such a situation could be frightening, but the film doesn’t set it up as such. The snakes are deadly, sure, but the people never seem to be terrified of them. They, especially Jackson’s character, end up going near them fairly often. They go back to find through people or items, and while they always try to avoid the snakes, they don’t seem all that scared of them.

Maybe it was just poor acting on the part of almost everyone involved, but there didn’t seem to be any fear or genuine emotion from any of the actors. With Jackson’s character, I understand; he is “trained for life and death situations”, after all. But this is mostly on the part of the passengers, none of which act like I picture someone would if they were put in this situation. There are deadly snakes on the airplane, and you can’t get off of it. That’s a frightening thought, but the actors in this film don’t show any kind of emotion.

I’m still not quite sure what to think about Snakes on a Plane. It was fairly entertaining, but it doesn’t have all that much good going for it. In fact, it’s a pretty bad movie. I suppose that’s where the term “B-movie” comes in, but it being called a horror film is laughable. The snakes are shown as menacing, but people don’t seem to be all that afraid of them. The actors don’t show any real emotion, and the plot is incredibly simple, even for a so-called “horror” film. If the title interests you, it isn’t a terrible waste of time, but if it doesn’t, stay away, because you won’t like it.