This film is about the return of alien life to earth to capture and destroy the human inhabitants. Terry (Donald Faison) is living the good life in California. He has a fantastic career, a large pen house and his best friend, Jarrod (Eric Balfour) is coming to celebrate his birthday. Jarrod arrives with his girlfriend, Elaine (Scottie Thompson) to kick start the party. Everyone is having a great time having fun until a bright light starts to shine through the blinds waking up the past-out party-goers. One guy walks towards the light to satisfy his curiosity and then he disappears. Jarrod, Terry, and Elaine run into the living room to see why a girl -who saw the incident- is screaming. Jarrod walks towards the window and notices before he feels himself getting pulled, hundreds of people get lifted into large alien motherships. Will Jarrod be taken with the others? What do the aliens want? Will the army be able to defeat them?


In the beginning of the film, I started to get bored and confused. I mean, the beginning felt like it was rushing through the movie and was leaving out parts. As I began to allow my eyes to get heavy from boredom, BOOM! A surprising action event happens and it’s non-stop action from there. I thought the concept of aliens using human brains to survive was very original. I loved a lot of the sentimental moments during the film, such as a powerful man-hug between Jarrod and Terry, was very touching. Jarrod was holding on to Terry with all his might but it wasn’t good enough, he was taken. Towards the end when the last two people are surrounded by the aliens and have to go up to the ship, they embrace that finish kiss of passion, I really enjoyed that. I liked the twist at the end and am hoping for a sequel. All in all, I will buy this film when it comes to0 DVD and Blu Ray.