Well last year around June 2009 a little movie took the world bu surprise , The Hangover , which would turn out to be one the years most brilliant and funniest movies of our time. No thanks to the creative mind of Todd Phillips who brought us Old School & Road Trip , well now he is back with his star pupil , Zack Galifinakis , a little unknown actor who recently ended up on everyone’s radar after the Hangover came out , now everyone knows his name!. But i must say this new “Spinoff” of the two collaboration Todd & Zach is well flat , i was extremely disappointed with the final product in this film , but the leads is what really saves the film here , Robert Downey Jr its nice to see him leave his confront zone and do something a little more Crude & Risque , and this is just the film for him, but even him in his wacky one-liners and improv dialog which was clever , but ultimately no. There are some moments of pure laugh out loud humor! here , which is more than enough for me to recommended the film to everyone , its a great comedy , and should not be missed movies like this are hard to come buy , but i feel the films main premise is more related to “Plains Trains & Automobiles” more than anything , but a much more rancher version. But the main thing is the film was a major let down considering well what it as to live up to. 

Due Date starts off we see Peter (Downy Jr.) discussing with what would seem like would be himself .. what the name of his newborn child should be. So his headed home for the Due Date of his wife (Michelle Monganhan) baby. And as he is getting to the airport a beautiful friendship is born when Peter meets Ethan Treembley (Galifinakis) a trying a actor on his way to Hollywood to fulfill his dreams of being a star on Two In A Half Man , which he has a website which he writes episodes for the show. But as Peter gets on the plane , he runs into Ethan again , but this time things seem to get screwed up as Peter is mistaken for a terrorist and is booted off the plan and put on a no fly list. Then again! would you have thought it runs into Ethan again , and this team he wonders if Peter would like a ride , This starts a whole whirlwind of mis-haps , and spitting on the dog , and a very bad attempt at a Godfather impression and the punching of an innocent boy on the stomach which i must say was very quite funny. The two start to bond and as the trip progresses well i will let you figure it out. 

Now as i’m sure most people going into this film , knew that there is no way it would be funnier than the Hangover and no it was not , i mean how can you compete with the Hangover , this film was hyped up to much everyone had high hopes for this film , i did to , but i waited a few weeks before seeing the film , the movie is good but its not great , it was funny , it should have been funnier , But the likable leads do there best , and Zach is funny as always , as a struggling actor just trying to make in this world , then Peter the one who need Anger Management classes , because he can’t control his temper , but its rare R-Rated movies like this come around that are funny , and this is one of the many few exceptions the film is easily forgettable , and will not go down in history like the “Hangover” did , but its a nice refresher of what we have been missing , and is reminding us of whats coming next Summer with The Hangover 2 , but this film is genuine good , funny entertainment.

Overall , you will not leave this movie saying it was better then the hangover , because it wasn’t and anyone will tell you that. Some of the jokes kind of fall flat , and are borderline , well you have to ask yourself that question , if you can handle it , but yes those moments is what makes this film fun!. I did not have as much fun with the flick as i was going to. But its a moderate success because it did make me laugh more than once , there are just some moments , where you have to ask yourself would that really honestly happen? .. no of course not!. But thats the ball with the film , once again we have good actors and supporting leads such as Jamie Fox who plays the black guy that Peter is afraid his wife is cheating on him with. Then the instant where they drink Ethan’s fathers remains. Then a nice sentimental moment at the Grand Canyon. But overall yes you can see this film , just don’t have your hopes up.. or else you will be disappointed “You Better Check yourself , before you wreck yourself!” 





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