This film starts out with two American girls touring through Europe. At the moment, they are in Germany trying to attend a waiter from a local resturant’s party. They get lost in the middle of the night and woods, then they get a flat tire. Since neither of them know how to change a tire, they decide to walk to find some help. They come across a house deeper in the woods and proceed here. A man answers the door, Dr. Heiter (Dieter Laser) who kindly invites them in while he calls for a tow truck but he is secretly putting poison in their glass of waters. Little did the girls know that he has a plan to build a human centipede, that is three people connected by anus to mouth to anus. So when the first person eats, it travels through the second and eventually it goes through the third and out their anus. Dr. Heiter successfully drugs them and proceeds with the experiment. Will the girls wake up and escape? Who is the third victim for the experiment? If Dr. Heiter completes his experiment, what will he do with them then?


Well, I liked the film. It had suspense, gore, sadness, and a little happiness, a complete package. The film appears to be low budget, but I enjoyed the creativity of the scenes, even though I can tell that it is low budget. For instance, when the third person to the centipede commits an act in the end, it looks fake but I still bought it. My favorite part was when one of the girls tries to escape, she gets out of the bed too fast forgetting that an I.V. is hooked up to her vein, so the needles ripes her skin and vein. I liked that the wound kept bleeding even when she was in the pool and came out, it was still excessively bleeding like a real injury. I watched behind the scenes and it looks like the special effects crew put something inside her arm to have the fake blood keep coming out. I liked that the film kept me involved, meaning, throughout the film I was coming up with solutions to help the victims. I yelled at the characters when I believed they made stupid decisions or wouldn’t show common sense. The ending was great and disappointing because I wanted a certain outcome to happen but didn’t get it. All in all, I would see this film again. Good job.