Skyline is a 2010 science fiction movie directed by the brothers Strause and starring Eric Balfour, Scottie Thompson, Donald Faison and David Zayas. The movie is set entirely in a penthouse apartment in LA where aliens begin to invade.

The plot of skyline is that a group of friends awaken to find strange blue lights outside their windows. These lights seem to pull anyone who stares at it towards them, where they seemingly disappear. The friends attempt to escape from the apartment, which is failed by the alien troops. They retreat back to the apartment and watch as the military mounts an attack on the alien ships. Military troops are dropped off on the roof of the adjacent apartment complex, prompting the survivors to head up to the roof of the apartment for  a chance at escape.

The biggest flaw of this movie are the characters. They’re either under developed or completely unlikeable. The only characters that are not completely irritating are either killed off very soon or not seen at all for most of the film. The main character group is rather unbearable, and none of them get any development, each defined by one character trait. There’s the blonde bitch, the pregnant girl, and the boyfriend. These don’t make good leads, due to none of them actually having a well defined personality or any likeable character traits.

While this movie is certainly lack lustre, it does excel in one area, the special effects. The effects in this movie are spectacular, from the alien space ships to the vein effects from looking into the light. The alien space ships look fantastic, with the feeling that they’re really there, really destroying things. The CGI explosions, too, look very good, and while they’re obviously not as good as real fire or explosions, at one point there is fire that is clearly 2D, they still don’t pull you out of the movie and provide some very cool special effects sequances.

Overall, this movies not that spectacular. While the effects are fantastic, the bad characters and dodgy plot make this movie merely ok, at the very most. Its certainly a movie that can be called so bad its good, and with rifftrax it could probably be made hilariously funny.   This movie excels in the area of special effects, and while it has some very good effects sequences and relatively good performances from the cast, this movies merits don’t outweigh the flaws.