It’s not very often I find a film that I enjoy so much I actually watch it a second time within a few hours. This past weekend I found one of those films and it’s called Fantastic Mr. Fox! Within this animated urban country lies some intriguing characters and a “FANTASTIC” story filled with action and comedy.

Mr. Fox has chosen to give up his life of bird stealing in a promise to his wife and becomes a newspaper writer. After leading a very dull rest of his life he decides to purchase a new house and soon gets caught up in his old ways when he discover’s he lives near three farmers. After the farmers realize what is going on they decide to retaliate and attempt to kill Mr. Fox and his family causing them to fight for survival and flee.

One thing that really sets this apart from several other films is it’s style of animation. The stop motion in this film is very smooth and you can really see the time put into it. In checking out the special features I looked at the “making of” I saw the amount they put into this film and really got some good insight on how this style of animation works. One thing I learned was that they would blow on the fur of the puppets so it would move with each frame. During my second viewing I noticed it and realized how much character gave the film.

The voice acting in Fantastic Mr. Fox is phenomenal with great actors such as George Clooney (Mr. Fox), Meryl Streep (Mrs. Fox), and Bill Murray (Clive Badger). The comedy in this movie never seems to run dry. I let out some really good laughs during the movie, and it is pretty funny to see the situations Mr. Fox gets in and how he handles them. One thing that is really entertaining in this film is the little trademarks each character has. Whether it’s Mr. Fox’s “whistle and click” or his son’s angry spit each character’s personality shines through and really helps them to work together.

I did not read the book, I didn’t even know it was based on a book, but I would say it does the book well. This is a great movie and can for sure provide entertainment for anyone.

I give it a solid 5 out of 5

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