The 1991 horror flick Child’s Play 3 is distributed by Universal Pictures.  Its stars include Justin Whalin as Andy Barclay, Perrey Reeves as Kristen DeSilva, Jeremy Sylvers as Ronald Tyler, Travis Fine as Lt. Col. Shelton, Dean Jacobson as Harold Whitehurst, and Brad Dourif as the voice of Chucky.  The producers are Robert Latham Brown (Child’s Play 2) and Laura Moskowitz (Child’s Play).  The director is Jack Bender (TV’s Lost).

The story picks up eight years after the events of Child’s Play 2.  Play Pals, Inc. is reopening the factory where Chucky had previously perished at the end of the previous film.  They are cleaning up Chucky’s dead body and as they lift it over the molten rubber, some of his blood drips into the vat.  Thus, Chucky is reincarnated in a brand new body.  After the killer doll kills the CEO Mr. Sullivan, he tracks down his former owner Andy Barclay who is now 16 years old and entering Kent Military School after being in several foster homes.  A package soon arrives for Andy which contains a certain Good Guy doll of his aquaintance.  Andy’s friend Tyler, who is a child, is sent to deliver the package.  But part of it is torn and Tyler can see that it’s a Good Guy doll.  He takes it to the armory to open it.  Chucky bursts out of the box, expecting to find Andy, but instead Tyler is the only one there.  The doll has an idea.  He decides now to transfer his soul into Tyler’s body instead of Andy’s but before he can, they are interrupted by Col. Cochran, the head of Kent.  He takes the doll and throws it away in a trash dumpster.  As it is dumped into a garbage truck, Chucky cries out.  The driver, thinking that it’s an innocent person, enters the back of the truck to find him.  But the doll sneaks out and starts the compactor with the driver still in it.  Andy and the other soldiers hear his screams and come running.  The doll’s former owner is now suspicious.  After Chucky finds Andy and tells him of his plan, his superior officer, Lt. Col. Shelton, takes the doll from him.  Andy later goes into Shelton’s dorm room to retrieve it.  He wakes up Shelton and he tries to root out the thief after Andy denies it.  Meanwhile, Chucky is playing hide-and-seek with Tyler when DeSilva, the girl who had taken a quick liking to Andy, finds them in the closet.  She puts lipstick on Chucky.  They hear Cochran coming so they escape, leaving the doll.  When Chucky emerges in front of the old colonel, he suffers a fatal heart attack.  The next day, in spite of Cochran’s demise, the war games are to go on as planned.  Andy, DeSilva, and Andy’s roommate Whitehurst are on the blue team while Tyler is red.  Chucky sneaks into the armory and switches the red teams guns from shooting harmless red paint to shooting live rounds, hoping to kill many of the blue team’s men, including Andy.  They head out into the nearby woods, unaware that Chucky is stalking them.

Many critics will have you believe that Child’s Play 3 is the worst in the series to that point.  In terms of its storyline, I must agree.  This film’s main weakness was Andy Barclay’s reappearance in the film, making it seem like it’s the same old story being retold: the same antagonist is after the same protagonist for the same reasons, only this is the third time they’ve done the same battle.  If the story had stuck with solely Andy Barclay as Chucky’s main target, and not brought in Tyler as the new blood, then it would have given the Child’s Play series something I like to call the “sequel syndrome”.  The “sequel syndrome” is the plague of many horror movie series today when they have too many sequels.  Put simply, it is the making of a sequel to a movie just for the sake of making a sequel, with little regard to its quality or originality.

Despite the film’s repetitive storyline, it does display some irony towards the end.  If you have read my review of Child’s Play, then you know that I said Chucky transferred his soul from human to doll because he didn’t want to burn for his misdeeds.  In Child’s Play 3, the final scenes take place in a hell-themed fun house.  It was most likely that the storywriters added this to put the ending in a darker and scarier place.  But they also sent Chucky to a place very much like the place he tried to avoid in the first movie which, obviously, was hell.  I guess you could say Chucky was a getting a sneak preview of where he could be going.  The scythe cutting off half his face could represent the start of Chucky’s inevitable demise.

To wrap, Child’s Play 3 is pretty much the same story retold but with a hint of irony near its climax.