Juno is a fun, upbeat film with some drama and sadness mixed in. It was quite original. It was different from any thing else I have ever seen. It was very strongly based upon the unique relationships among the characters. Without these unique relationships the movie wouldn’t have been as great as it was. There was a very different relationship between Juno and all of the other characters, such as her best friend, her parents, and the future parents of her child.The sound track was also very original with songs like “Anyone Else but You” by “Moldy Peaches”, also sung by Ellen Page and Michael Cera in the film. The music made the movie what it was and very strongly defined the mood.

It was interesting to listen to the language in which Juno and her peers speak. They are kids dealing with a mature situation in a mature way. The only thing that lets us seem them as the teenagers they are is the way they speak, by hearing the words and slang they use. Pay attention to that, it is quite interesting to observe.