Based on one of my favorite Comic Books, it’s not surprising that the Avengers was a superhero movie I would have looked forward to as much as I did.  Likewise, it’s not surprising the movie became so successful (after six years of buildup).  But moving on,  Joss Whedon’s directing, as well as the cast, kept this movie from being disappointing at all.  It starred Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlet Johannson, Jeremy Renner, Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson Clark Gregg, and Stellan Skarsgaard each reprising their roles from previous movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Mark Ruffalo replacing Edward Norton as the Hulk and Colby Smulders joining the cast as Maria Hill.

Loki returned at the beginning of the movie by stealing the Tesseract from a Shield base by taking control of scientist Erik Selvig, agent Clint Barton, and another unnamed Shield agent.  This led to Shield recruiting Natasha Romanov, Bruce Banner, Steve Rogers and Tony Stark (who didn’t initially want to join).  Shortly after, Loki is captured by Romanov, Rogers, and Stark (later joined by Thor).  Barton was eventually freed in a battle on the Shield Helicarrier, but the Avengers are split when both the Hulk and Thor go MIA during the same battle  (Coulson is killed in the same battle).  They reform in time for the final battle when Loki opens a portal and the alien race known as the Chitari enter Earth over the city of New York.

First things first, the movie was exceptionally good.  It wasn’t necessarily the best film of the year, but it was definitely the best mainstream movie.  Joss Whedon did a good job directing, but it was the character interaction that really made the movie so good—so worth watching.  All of the Avengers (save for Hawkeye) had humorous moments in the movie, as did both Coulson and Loki.  But the star of the show was clearly Mark Ruffalo.  He even overshadowed Robert Downey Jr.  Also, besides that, it’s worth noting the action.  It’s some of the best action choreography I’ve ever seen in an American action movie (the fight between Thor and an enraged Hulk comes to mind, as does the fight between Thor and Iron Man).

That being said, I did love this movie.  The action and comedy combined made it one of the most entertaining “new” movies I’ve seen in the last several years.  And besides, the Dark Knight this is probably the best superhero movie I’ve ever seen.