Leap Year – Can you make it on time?We have two people – a man and a woman. They are a couple. The man, however, has some really hard job and is too busy to take care of his love life and pay attention to the girl so she feels bad and discriminated. She has some idea of them, which might not be that true. The moment of truth is when she thinks he will propose to her. But he doesn’t. Then he leaves on a job trip to a distant foreign country. She decides to follow him and through many obstacles finds her true love in another man. Does it sound familiar to you too? Well, to me it definitely sounds too worn out.

This is the exact story of Anna Brady (Amy Adams) and James (Adam Scott). 

There is, for a difference, something really cute in the story. It is the fact that the girl actually falls enchanted by the classic, traditional Irish myth that when a woman proposes to a man on a leap year he will definitely accept. This is the main reason for her to dump everything she has going on in her life and follow her beloved James to a distant land. Many problems appear during her attempt at reaching James before the end of February. But what makes me really confused is her obsession with the date February 29th that becomes so extremely severe that she’s ready to make everything in order to get to Ireland, where her cardiologist boyfriend is attempting a conference. “Everything” includes trying to persuade by all means Declan, a local portrayed by Matthew Goode (Watchmen) into driving her to Dublin. 

Another point of view we must (Yes, we are obligated to!) take into consideration is the Irish one. In this movie there are some overly ironic, sarcastic and probably too bad interpretations of the Irish nation and its people. They are not all farmers, wearing the classic Wellingtons and all covered in mud. No, Sir. There are many ones who actually can say a few things about world finance and we must note the “Irish Tiger”, a moment in world history, which managed to get this country out of the pit it was in and actually make it something like a dream for many.

My final words will be on the lead actors – why would Amy Adams actually take such a role? Is she so worse than Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz and Sandra Bullock? Maybe they were that good, once upon a time, but now it is a new age and we expect more good decisions from the good romantic actresses of today. But now, for a young woman, who participated in movies such as Enchanted, Night at the museum and Julie and Julia, this definitely is a step backwards. Adam Scott, on the other side, has nothing too good in his big-screen biography since a part in the Aviator. This again makes me thing why would Miss Adams agree on this?

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