From Paris With Love – Was that one of the Bond movies? 

First of all, and most importantly, for me this movie was planned to be bad from the beginning. Otherwise no real producer would allow such a name. This one is obviously trying to cheat some poor young and not so young people to buy tickets for the theatre, reminding them of the great classic 007 movie “From Russia with love”. What did not surprise me was the plot which was a pretty bad combination between the very trivial CIA and terrorist attacks, together with action, many fights and not-so-funny puns. The main plot was jumping from one story to another and, to tell you the truth, I had a pretty bad time trying to follow it.

So what is it all about? We have James Reese (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) who lives a very enviable life in Paris “the city of love” with his fine occupation and a pretty French girlfriend. Of course, he actually isn’t what he seems. He is a junior CIA Officer who dreams of becoming a really successful one on the field. When the opportunity of a life-time is served to him and he accepts the offer, Pandora’s Box is opened again. 

As a junior officer James cannot do the job on his own, though it really looks promising. He really sees it as the chance of his life to get the promotion he had dreamed of for so long. Meant to stop some drug dealers and after that – terrorists, from America comes Charlie Wax – CIA Field Operatives Officer with a taste for shootings, fights and really bad jokes. He is played by the awfully famous John Travolta and the name “Wax” really suits the actor’s new look – bald head with a goatee. Mr. Wax is really loud and a perfect example of a typical show-off. After the American comes to France, no one, even Mr. Reese, believes things are going to be easy. Our main character even goes through a kind of an emotional breakdown.

What is the conclusion? We have two main characters that are just not created to be at the same place in the same time. We have a script that has maybe gone through too many changes and in the end became a total mess.  There is also an incomplete mention of a love-line. We have too much action and a name that imitates a very notable movie from the past. Having in mind that the From Paris movie is the same genre as the Bond series, it equals at least bad taste. Last, but not least, we have the ultimate Vincent Vega wannabe, portrayed by John Travolta himself. your source for all the latest movie news and reviews