Last year in 2009 a little unknown movie took the nation by storm and become one of the most profitable of the year ending 2009. That movie was yes Paranormal Activity , a film that was not suppose to get the status it has today , making people afraid to go home to an empty house , and never turn off the lights the film started a generation of actually bringing back true horror to the cinema without all the unnecessary blood and guts , this is a true horror film, and now one year later , after the huge success of the 1st that would only leave more and more room for a sequel and i must say , i was scared and my bones were tingling the whole film , from the 1st night to the very stunning , dramatic , and frighting conclusion. You will be begging the movie to be over when it gets over , So for the i must say i feel this film is better then its predecessor. Mainly because this film , they maintain a better budget but you really can’t tell because they are using all the same camera angles and techniques they used before. But when a movie can make me jump and cover my eyes , is a true genuine horror flick , which is sad because most horror movies these days tend to suck , but i was actually pleasantly surprised with the whole outcome of the films final product. 

The story is before should go into this movie you need to know this film plays more of a prequel then anything , but in the end the film ties in with the first film and when you see it (you will no what i am talking about) But we see Katie’s Sister with her husband and her teenage daughter , and there new born son Hunter , after Hunter is born , merely years , strange things start to happen @ the family’s resident. After returning home one day they find there house completely trashed and rummaged through , with nothing taken , this leads them to install cameras all over there house so next time they can hopefully catch them in the act next time , but instead after watching the DVRS and cameras they get more then they bargen for when see things moving around there house , and stuff being misplaced. Night after night things get worse , and worse until finally … well i do not want to give much away. But things happen that well you really can’t explain. But so one in seems ever since the cameras have been installed well .. you get the idea. 

The film has more production value then the first which was only $3000 and this was $3million , which is still a low cost considering how much most movies cost to make. The main problem with the film is the build up on some nights things do not even occur and leaves us to wonders whats happening , and at some points that can be a drag, But that is just a minor flaw , its always fun being in a packed theater with everyone around you , just as scared as you are. With each coming night , everyone in the theater would have to embrace it , and prepare themselves for what happens next , is the “being” gonna show itself or is going to make us the audience suffer in suspense not knowing when something might pop-out and happen , the screen and theater get’s so quiet you could hear a pin-drop , and pretty much anything that shows up on the screen , anything , will scare you , this movie will scare most people mainly for the fact that it could happen in real life – mainly because of all the evidence that is proven that ghosts exist , this movie will redefine fear … well until maybe next year. 

Overall this movie is the best film this Halloween i can really say scared me , which is saying alot. But in the meantime , tho some things can be misleading , and you will be held in suspense for a good portion of the film , when we reach the movies final moments , and then some , i can almost guarantee that you will be scared for your life. I enjoyed this film , is a genuine authentic , horror film with out the blood , guts and the excessive use of the F word. There are some mild moments of comedic humor in the film that is more of a relieve from anything , it takes you to reality world , then it takes you out of it , when the screams and thrills and chills come towards the middle , please please be aware that well there is more to come , your in for in , and when you sit down and the movie is starting all you can do is just sit back relax and enjoy the ride because this will be the funniest time you will have at the movies this year , this movie is a BLAST!.





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