This movie is about the retired life. Relaxing by the beach, sipping champagne, traveling the world and much more. Well, that’s not the same type of retirement for Frank Moses ( Bruce Willis) because the company he worked for is trying to kill him. Moses is having an ordinary day of doing a small workout, reading the newspaper and talking on the phone to a social security representative that he likes. Until one night, machine guns are decorating his house and halls with bullets. Moses rounds up the old gang, Joe Matheson (Morgan Freeman), Marvin Biggs (John Malkovich), and Victoria (the beautiful Helen Mirren), to see who’s behind the hit. Apparently, the company wants them dead too. Is the team too far in senior years to protect themselves? Do they still have what it takes to survive? Who wants them dead?


So to get the review started, I’m going to be extremely bias. Bruce Willis is so sexy hot. Helen Mirren is gorgeously beautiful. I love watching Bruce’s movies, he just always have that sex factor about him no matter what character he plays. Helen just gives off pure elegance, so proper, so lady-like. OK, enough of that now to the movie. I love this movie. I love the fact that the characters weren’t played by some twenty-something year old, buff muscle star, who can only sell the film by taking off their clothes. Just to show that just because they are older, doesn’t mean they can’t take on an explosive or two. John Malkovich plays the hilarious Biggs, a former Red. Back in the day, the company performed experiments on him, which causes him to become a complete paranoid psycho and I love it. Morgan Freeman plays Matheson, Moses’ best friend. I enjoyed his character. On one hand, he’s the sweet old man who is trying to relax in his retirement home and on the other he’s a lethal killing machine. The action was amazing. From Moses tossing up a small device towards an enemy¬†that blows him into pieces to Victoria looking hardcore on the machine gun taking out the enemy. I loved that they only put in a little romance and not too much (one or two kisses, no sex). I don’t always like when an action movie has a sex scene. Come on, if I want sex, I’ll watch a romance movie, give me action. All in all, I look forward to buying this film when it comes to DVDF or Blu-ray.